Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre

Founded in 1994, The Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre is a multi-service organization located in Toronto’s West end providing community based programming for everyone. They welcome all, including all demographics, social classes, status, gender and gender identification, ethnic background, religion, and age. As well we provide exceptional programming for high-needs children, youth-at-risk, homeless men and women, vulnerable community members, newcomers, or anyone who might require extra support.

The Centre was incorporated in 1997 as a non-profit organization, gained chari-table status in 2002 and became a United Way member agency in 2001. The Cen-tre is governed by an elected board of directors largely consisting of local resi-dents who reflect the diversity of the catchment area. It works from a community-capacity building framework to actively engage community members in program development, delivery, and evaluation.

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Toronto Humane Society

The establishment of The Toronto Humane Society was inspired by an anonymous $2 donation to aid an old, worn-out white workhorse. In November 1886, a Toronto resident sent a letter about the horse, a familiar sight on city streets, to the World, a Toronto daily newspaper. “Why,” he asked, “don’t we have a society for the prevention of cruelty?” was the comment added to the letter by 22-year-old reporter John J. Kelso when it was published in the World. In answer to his question, an anonymous donor sent the $2 donation to the newspaper office the following day. The fund kept growing until $74 had accumulated.

John Kelso’s presentation to the Canadian Institute on February 19, 1887, marked the launch of the humane and children’s aid movement in Ontario. In his speech, Kelso pointed out there was no society of the kind in Toronto and pro-posed the establishment of a general humane association with the following objectives:

• Stop cruelty to children
• Rescue children from vicious influences and remedy their conditions
• Induce children to be humane
• Encourage everybody to practice and teach kindness to animals and others
• Stop the beating of animals
• Stop the working of old horses
• Stop driving galled and disabled animals
• Provide better laws

From its beginnings on Bay Street to Wellesley Street (formerly St. Albans St.) and now River Street, the Society has had a long journey and continues to demonstrate its commitment to the humane treatment of animals.

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