GetToronto is more than just a team at Chestnut Park Real Estate.

It’s our brand. It’s an experience. It’s your experience. The GetToronto brand embodies and defines everything we stand for.

While Chestnut Park Real Estate is an important part of our team’s success and the exceptional service our clients have to come to expect, the GetToronto experience is our take on how real estate should be done.

If you keep reading, you’ll learn that there’s a lot to it.

So why the name

When first starting out in real estate, there is nothing more gratifying than see-ing your name in bright lights and having your face plastered on billboards, bus stops and benches all across the city. But what happens when your business takes off and you need to grow your team? Like most successful real estate teams, its the same face and name that remains the company brand.

In many cases, the Big Kahuna moves up market to work with more expensive listings, leaving the smaller fish for their extended team.

Nobody wants to feel like a small fish. Including us.

With the combined power of Chestnut Park Real Estate and the GetToronto brand:

We are different. And we do things differently.

An exceptional Realtor needs to wear many hats. At any given time, we are a:

  • Market Expert
  • Therapist
  • Stager
  • Negotiator
  • Interior Designer
  • Administrator
  • Service Expert Extraordinaire
  • Neighbourhood Expert
  • Coach
  • Photographer
  • Advisor
  • Videographer
  • Educator
  • Dog lover (ok – maybe we’re biased)

The last time we checked, these are full time positions. Seriously. So what makes us think we can do it ourselves? We don’t. Well sort of. is not just about buying and selling real estate. We offer our customers value even when they aren’t buying or selling. Our website is a gateway for our clients to interact with us any time they need us – without being hounded.

GetToronto is a team trying to do real estate differently, combined with the high standard and reputation of Chestnut Park Real Estate.

Everything we do is focused on providing a great customer experience.

With so many hats to be worn, we invest a lot of time in finding talented people with the right skill set to wear those hats. This allows each of us to focus on doing what we do; and allowing us to do it really, really well.

Many successful Realtors can wear all of those hats. But, when their business grows, they aren’t as good at replicating that same great experience their clients have come to expect.

The end result?

A real estate team dependent on its ability to replicate and train its people to wear many hats instead of having teammates who are specialists in their role, working together to deliver a single great customer experience.

We deliver:

  • Experience and specialized knowledge across more neighbourhoods in Toronto
  • Combined marketing dollars to deliver innovative marketing strategies across multiple channels including traditional and social media marketing
  • Cutting edge technology and systems, ensuring a consistent and seamless experience, regardless of which GetToronto team member you work
  • An exceptional buying and selling experience with the right specialist to help with things like cleaning, staging, photography and videos, each step of the way — And all for the same price as an agent who works alone


Our job is more than setting up MLS to automatically send you listings, filling out paperwork and cashing commission cheques. We are an end-to-end service provider focused on delivering a great customer experience. We want you to be able to rely on us, even when you’re not buying or selling, to be your everything Real Estate.

We demand the best, because our customers deserve the best. As an award winning real estate team at Chestnut Park Real Estate, we wouldn’t have it any other way.